Yale Easy Temporary Lock For Bedroom Door

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Temporary lock for bedroom door – We all know to fool for the keys in your pocket or in the bag, but with a door lock with code, you will not solve this problem. Yale Easy is an electronic lock that fits with the well-known Ruko lockout. You lock the bedroom door with code and you do not have to worry about remembering the key when you leave home. Just remember the self-chosen code of between 4 to 12 digits. Yale Easy can contain two codes, and you can code the lock every time. It is therefore easy, quickly and safely to switch to the electronic lock Yale Easy.

If anybody else does not know what the code contains, Yale Easy makes it possible to enter a number of different numbers before or after entering the actual code. This feature ensures that it is not possible for the neighbor, guests or unauthorized persons to recognize the code. It’s smart and provides additional security if you want to lock your door or basement door using a code. It’s both easy and straightforward to mount Yale Easy. The temporary lock for bedroom door can be mounted on all doors. Also thin doors, where it may be a challenge to mount an electronic lock. Yale Easy fits perfectly on doors that have already been fitted with one of the well-known Ruko locks.

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You can also install the lock yourself by following the instructions provided when you purchase your Yale Easy. Yale Easy can contain two codes between 4 and 12 digits – you decide the code length. One code is for you, and the other code can be for example. Be to the guests of the home. You can change the codes at any time. When you get home when it’s dark, there’s light on the display so you can see when you enter the code. This type of temporary lock for bedroom door with code is user friendly and very easy to use. Therefore, you no longer need to worry that the children cannot shut in because they have forgotten or lost the key.

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