Wishbone Bar Stool Ideas

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Wishbone Bar Stool is designed to be more aesthetic than functional. Often, bar stools are comfortable to sit in for a short period of time, but long seasons can be uncomfortable. The solution to not only sprucing bar stools but to make them more user-friendly is to cover them. This can be done with just a few points and can be done by someone willing to take on a little do-it-yourself challenge.


Buy a fabric that you choose at a sewing delivery or art and craft shop, along with padding. Alternatively, you can use an old leather jacket or pillowcase for the fabric. Place the fabric on the floor; put padding on top of it. Turn a Wishbone Bar Stool on top of the fabric and padding. Trace around the bar stool seat with a marker, creating a mall on the padding. Then pull the fabric up around the underside of the pallet chair and trace it around the fabric to get a traceable cut line.

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Set the Wishbone Bar Stool to the side and cut both the fabric and the padding with a scissors after the drawn contours. Lift then the bar stool is used as a template. Place the fabric on the floor first and the padding on top of the fabric. Tighten the edges of the fabric, stretch it over the bar stool seat, holding the cushion in place. Staple the edges of the fabric to the underside of the bar stool the seat with a staple gun, pulling it tense. Cut out excess fabric with scissors and turn bar stool upright. You now have a covered bar stool.

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