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When it comes to decorating our home we can lean towards a minimalist, rustic or industrial style bar stool table, as they say … in the variety is the taste, but surely we all agree that if we can get our own design at an affordable price, even better. In this line the trend DIY is our best option when creating decorative elements reusing and recycling junk. It only takes a little imagination to see new and alternative uses to old objects. However, we want to present a wide range of proposals, if your thing is not bricolage or paint and color, this book of ideas will leave you speechless.

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We present a selection of ten curious bar stool table that have come to life thanks to eco-ideas based on the reuse of materials. In addition, we could not think of a better showcase than a collection of stools to reflect our love for the eco-friendly, a versatile element adapted to modern life and that takes strength in our homes.

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The goal of Uncut Diamond is to transform any piece or space into something unique and original to give it a second life. To do this, they use everything that falls into their hands, from car parts to oil drums. In this case they have achieved it and successfully. The result, this fabulous industrial-style bar stool table that combines various elements in wood and metal, and of course, seeing the result, we could never guess where their pieces come from.