White Platform Beds Plan Ideas

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Good White Platform Beds

White platform beds are one of the easy beds to be made because they do not require any complex carpentry and basic use carpentry. The simplicity of the construction is reflected in the simplicity of the design, which is a favorite in minimalist, Zen-style decor. A single-bed platform is ideal for a spare room or for a child’s bed and can easily be added to at a later stage if a large bed is required. Sand pieces for single bed base: cut four wooden cutting boards of 2 by 12 to 39 inches and two planks to 76 inches. They cut all the components for the platform bed, the base pieces and two MDF planks from 1 inch thick to 25 by 80 inches. Paint on a couple of layers in the desired color and leave to dry for the recommended time in the paint can label.

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Place the four 39-inch-long planks on a 2-inch, 19-inch apart edge; they must be parallel to each other in a row. Shut off the 39-inch boards with a carpenter’s square so that their ends are at right angles to the 76-inch boards and hold in place. Drive 3-inch wood screws every 4 inches through the sides of the 76-inch boards at the ends of each 39-inch board to attach the base bed. Remove the clamps and retouch the long planks with paint to hide the screw heads.

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Center the two MDF sheets, stacked on top of the base, with the sides 80 inches parallel to the sides of the 76-inch base. There should be approximately 5 inches of overlap on each side of the base and about half that on both ends. Ensure that the MDF sheets on the base with screws for every 10 inches around the perimeter of the platform on the lower wooden base.

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