Vintage Dresser With Mirror Style Ideas

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The vintage dresser with mirror style is the one most linked to the classic movie dressers but you can also opt for the typical celebrities. Such as the modern beauty salon in black and white, with light bulbs around the mirror and thousands of containers to store your brushes, eyeliners or enamels. The country style is also one of the most recurrent in the corners of beauty or similar to the cottage. To get a more British and refined air. Here are a few ideas for you to start thinking about where to put your new vanity.

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Light is very important that you have a light bulb that fixes the place where you are going to perform these treatments. Everything will depend on the space and light conditions you have. If you are lucky enough to be able to place your vintage dresser with mirror in a place where there is plenty of natural light, you can do without having a lot of artificial light, but be careful! The nights are our true allies when it comes to make elaborate makeup so a good point of support light will always be essential in your beauty corner.

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Decorating vintage dresser with mirror, the chair is another of the fundamental elements since it will be responsible for making us feel comfortable during the time you spend in our dressing table. Must have a height that allows us to have our arms free to make ourselves up power, combing, etc. It depends on the height can also choose puffs, seats or even benches foot bed padding, which can also be used for this purpose.