Trundle Bunk Beds Ideas

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Trundle bunk beds – With the increasing need to maximize space more and more people invest in bunk beds for their children. Although this is an ideal solution, when you are very limited to the room, it is not always the ideal solution if there are children in the house. The US Consumer Product Safety Association recommends that children under six years are not allowed on the upper bunk any bunk beds. According to a verdict adopted by this association, all manufacturers must permanently address a notice on bunk beds sold in the United States.

But there are bunk beds that can be separated and used as a standalone beds. These are ideal for those whose children have not yet reached the recommended age. The bunk beds can be used as standalone and beds as the children grow and need more space to play or do homework. Beds can be assembled and used as a bunk bed. If you decide to choose one of these types of trundle bunk beds, it is advisable to find out if beds are required for additional support, while not combined as bunk beds. These beds often require Bunkie boards or box springs to support extra mattress only when used as a separate device.

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This type of trundle bunk beds is also ideal for people who have the opposite situation. If your children are young enough to share a bedroom at the time, but are expected to move separate rooms a bit “time in the future, these bunk beds are ideal. Provided that the oldest son is six years old or older bunk beds can be used as intended, and then separated so each child has their own bed. If you need storage space and the chances are you do, there are different options with bunk beds. Many of these bunk beds that allow removable storage media can accommodate a trundle bed in a drawer.

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