To Make American Girl Doll Bunk Bed

Aug 2nd

American girl doll bunk bed – Many girls like American Girl dolls, but buying and equipping them can be quite expensive. Here you will learn how to save money by making a sweet bunk bed for a doll. The American Girl line consists of 18-inch dolls produced by Pleasant Company, a department of Mattel Inc. There are a variety of models from dolls showing fictional girls from different places in American history to “Just like You” dolls that come in different hairs. Also eyes and skin tones to match their owners. There are also a lot of equipment available including clothes (for doll and owner), books and furniture.

A new doll costs around $ 100 (including shipping). Because of this, many Mass-market retailers produce similar 18-inch dolls at a lower price. They also offer similar accessories. For example, while a real American girl doll bunk bed costs over $ 100. Because of that, do it yourself to make this American girl doll bunk bed can save your money. To do it, starting with separate box lid and bottom. Two, lay one top on the floor, open the side up. Three, put the narrow end of the box at the bottom of the left end of the box at the top to form a standing L shape. The open side of the box should turn inward.

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Repeat steps 1-3 with the other box. Five, turn an L shape so that it forms a standing 7-shape, with the narrow end of the box on the floor. The open sides should turn inward. Six, place the foot of the 7-figure in the right-hand end of L-shape. This will now become a U-shape. Seven, put the top of the L-shape into the left end of the top of the 7-figure. You will now have an open rectangle that looks like a picture frame. Eight, put foam in the bottom of the frame. This is the mattress. Nine decorate the American girl doll bunk bed as you wish. You may want to cover the box with fabrics, stickers, lace or ribbons.

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