The Detailed Information About Allentown Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Espresso

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Many people now live in minimalist house. Minimalist house is not only about the design but also the space. Sometimes, owners want to make private rooms for their boys or girls but space is the matter. Instead of putting two different beds in one room for your boys or girls, you can put one bed but it has two layers. Allentown twin over twin bunk bed espresso has good reviews from many owners because of the design, function and also size.

Allentown Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Espresso Review

Usually, children’s room is not as big as parent’s room. When they grow up, perhaps they want to have their own room or they go to college, then they don’t use their room anymore. Perhaps they will use it when they go home. Some people think not to put two different separate beds inside one room so they can sleep side by side. Instead of sleeping side by side, you can choose Allentown Twin over twin bunk bed espresso to save up your space and it makes children sleep together like in the dormitory.
It has espresso finish so the color is deep dark brown just like coffee. It offers also durability with clean and simple style. It is completed with guard rails on the top bed to give the safety. On the side, it has staircase so they can reach the top easily without climbing like the ordinary ladders. On the bottom of the stairs, there are drawers that can be used as storage for your children to keep their stuffs. The material is made of plywood, pine wood and others. There are so many people use this bed.
Under the bottom bed, there are drawers also and in some types, if you can pull the drawers on the bottom bed, you can get additional bed and it means you get 3 beds in one place. So far, people are satisfied with Allentown twin over twin bunk bed espresso and they didn’t give any bad review since it is made with solid materials and the design is perfect for minimalist house and room with neutral color.

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