The Best Example Of Bar Height Pub Table

Bar Height Pub Table And Bench View in gallery

Although it seems to us that there is no place for a bar or that this will not contribute much, we better think twice. The best example is this multifunctional space that integrates various functions in the same environment. In a corner a bar height pub table with chairs; in the center, a living space; back, the kitchen and finally, the great bar that would come to replace theĀ  daily dining room . If we give it a good location and the ideal height; the breakfast bar can serve us much more than just having breakfast.

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An excellent idea, very functional and practical is this bar height pub table that can be located in the quincho or gallery. Ideal to sit while we wait for the food to be ready and share a nice moment among friends. Just a couple of sidewalks on the side of the counter, and we have our bar ready!

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Many times we do not have enough space for a bar or we just do not want to take space away from the dining room or the kitchen and we prefer something more minimalist. In that case, a wooden bar height pub table blown is more than enough, as this picture shows. We can use a lateral as support or support it on what is within our reach.