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Modern white dresser is the best storage for socks, scarves, underwear and other small items and textiles. You choose timeless furniture when choosing a good quality chest of drawers from Uno living. A timeless piece of furniture that you can use for anything and more than the socks and napkins. A chest of drawers in the children’s room allows the child to take his toy himself and not least learn to put it in place. A white dresser in the bathroom gives a touch of relaxed romance and good storage for towels or care products. The modern white dresser pivots any home and offers practical storage in the office or in the bedroom.

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In short, a modern white dresser can be used everywhere – to everything. Drawers are, after all, practical storage boxes with built-in lid. In the hallway, the chest of drawers is a brilliant storage place for winter gloves, hats, etc. In the bedroom the socks, lingerie and scarves are assembled in clear drawer and in the children’s room, commodes ensure the accessibility and overview of the little ones.

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Modern white dresser with deep, large drawers work well for clothes in bunks, such as T-shirts, shorts or pants. Smaller chests of drawers with small and not so deep drawers are often most useful for smaller things like jewelry, papers or small toys.