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Steps for bunk bed – Children love bunk beds. A litter can even become a ship, a fortress or a castle of a princess. The arrangement of a bed on top of the other creates an intimate space where siblings can share ideas and secrets. In a small room, the bunk beds make it possible for two people to have their separate space despite sharing a sleeping space. It is not so difficult to build a solid wood berth, which will serve a multitude of purposes over the years. These instructions should result in a very simple berth that accommodates double mattresses, 39 inches x 75 inches. The bottom mattress will be approximately 1.5 feet from the floor, the top mattress will be approximately 5 feet from the floor. You can adapt these measures as you want.

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Cut your wood. All measurements are approximate, cut wood can be adjusted to meet your own specifications. Inside each 4×4 pole measures and marks the location of the side tables and the head and feet of the bottom of your steps for bunk bed. You need the bottom edge of the 2×6 sideboard to be about one foot off the ground. The head and feet should rest only on the side planks. All 2×6 pieces must adhere to the interior surfaces of your 4×4 poles.

Steps for bunk bed, on the outside of your 4×4 poles, using your first marks as a guide, measure and drill holes to join your side boards. Mark your holes so they can make a diagonal line through the post. Measure and mark the head and foot holes in the adjacent outer edge of your 4×4 poles. Put all your pieces on the floor and check your work. When you are sure that your marks are good, make the holes in the 4×4 posts and the lateral planks. Attach the side planks to the stud poles. Then, drill holes in the 4×4 posts on the part of the head and feet and attach the head and feet to the posts with the bolts. Cut half-ply plywood to fit perfectly on top of planks. Screw the plywood firmly to the planks.

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