Standard Bedroom Closet Dimensions Ideas

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Standard bedroom closet dimensions – No matter what size your wardrobe is, mirrors can help make it look larger. Add at least one full-length mirror to your closet along one of the walls. And decorate with smaller mirrors located at the heights of all available rooms. A tri-fold mirror that has a stationary panel in the center and two wing panels with adjustable angles is a great addition as it will help you see yourself from all angles. Including the back when standing between the wings. Making your closet to a full dressing room. For small closet that do not have enough room for a tri-fold mirror. Try removing the cabinet door completely and place a high tri-fold mirror in front of the bedroom side to act as a room display.

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Standard bedroom closet dimensions, do not limit you to storage clothes and essential only along the walls. If you have a closet with plenty of open floor space in the center. Add a closet in the middle of the floor to store things that do not have to hang. The hold center cabinet is not higher than the standard kitchen table height. So it does not make the cabinet feel smaller.

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Standard bedroom closet dimensions add lighting, a chair and a makeup mirror if you like. Or add a drop leaf to the top of the cabinet to make a folding table for laundry. Very much like a kitchen island, this central cabinet can be equipped with drawers or shelves and will provide a working area and additional storage space.