Stackable Bunk Beds Design

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Stackable bunk beds – A litter is a type of furniture that is formed by at least two beds, placed one on top of the other although the current berths have designs that allows them to create a different and striking composition. It is a furniture destined for homes that do not have much space to place the beds in a traditional and individual way, but another reason is to gain space so that in the children’s rooms the smaller ones have a lot of free space to be able to carry out other activities in their own room, such as playing, studying, etc. To make it even more functional, they usually have several drawers at the base of the bunk to store clothes, shoes, toys or any other product. And for children to enjoy it during the day, in the current bunk designs usually have fun accessories such as slides that go from the top bed to the floor.

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The first thing to build stackable bunk beds is to take actual measurements of the room where it is to be placed and locate the most suitable place to place it. Make a paper or computer design with the design of the litter, with its basic structure and measures of each of the parts that are necessary to build it. Buy materials such as wood, paint for parts, sinks and mattresses, various kinds of screws and products to strengthen the structure and finally the different articles to decorate the litter.

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Prepares cutting tools and machines to make mechanical fastenings of screws and brackets, but also a screwdriver and sandpaper for wood. Make the main structure consisting of 6 pillars placed vertically with respect to the floor and join them at the bottom of the cabinet with 4 thick boards on the sides and 4 on the sides of the structure. Repeat the same operation at the top to build the stackable bunk beds structure that will be above. Screw the two summers to the bases with reinforcements by the risk of weight when being used. Place from the top structure a flat table well secured to the floor with 2 profiles to make a slide.