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Sofa bar table – Coffee table is a beautiful furniture that we usually find in the living room of the house, office space. Usually a long, low table that is usually placed in front of the couch for drinks, periodically, for resting tired feet and other objects, such as TV remote, to be easily accessible when needed and needed. They vary according to style, shape, color and price depending on the type of environment you have in mind. They can also combine several types of storage to give users the ability to put things they want “invisible” but with easy access at the same time. From a social point of view.

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Throughout the early history, references have been make to the same table item. Especially in ancient Greek culture, but none have explicitly state that there is such a thing. This is why it is usually deem not use until the 1800s. Only furniture such as a regular sofa bar table, a main desk. A middle table and a tea table are use, and with a sofa evolving a couch that stands against its back. so the user can put the objects they want to rest. The sofa was a precursor to the coffee table.

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After that they tend to be know as low tables. Because the Anglo-Japanese style was very popular in England throughout the 1870s and 1880s and due to the popularity of low sofa bar table in Japanese culture. And afterwards there several styles create in certain. Story styles such as stories Louis XVI or Georgian style. But in fact there is no indication that they are use during this time. So it is usually consider a delay development in the web of furniture salon. Currently there are many types of coffee tables.