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Dresser with mirror – When the multiple containers of makeup, creams, lipsticks and other beauty products accumulate, a small chaos originates. It is time to make a decision and put our dresser in order. The dressing table is a very common space in the bedroom, which brings elegance, classicism and femininity to these rooms. A corner for the dressing table does not really occupy so much space. Furniture with mirror and a chair are two basic pieces to create an area with a dressing table. Two furniture with many and different decorative possibilities.

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The traditional is usually the classic dresser with mirror of all life, in light wood, with built-in mirror. And with a medallion chair also with a romantic accent. If your bedroom is classic and you want to follow this decorative line, our advice is that you choose a vanity unit in harmony with the rest of the room.

Light colors, natural materials such as wood, cotton and linen. And also designs in vintage key triumph in the romantic dresser with mirror. But in addition to this piece of furniture, another absolutely essential detail is the mirror. And of course, light. The ideal is to place several points of light on both sides of the mirror to gain amplitude in this environment. But also to be able to see ourselves perfectly when we put on make-up and retouch in front of the mirror.

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