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Bedroom dresser decor – It is about decorating a bedroom with access to another area that you will convert into a dressing table room. The first thing you will do is opt for the gray color on the walls of both areas. Next, you will take advantage of an old existing cabinet, changing the color, eliminating the woodworm and making it visually lighter. You can also create a shelf-rack and finally we will dress and decorate the bedroom area.

Start reusing the old bedroom dresser decor that you have. As the doors are already a little curved, you will remove the central part and then put a glass. As the furniture has woodworm, you will be introducing a liquid to eliminate the woodworm through all the holes in the cabinet. After that, you will allow 12 hours for the product to take effect.

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After sanding the surface bedroom dresser decor, you will apply sealer. In this case, you are going to apply the sealant with the roller well wrung out and without affecting the furniture’s reliefs much. In this way, all the details of the furniture will stand out more. When it dries, we will also give you a layer of enamel. The next step will be to finish the doors of the furniture. With some special hooks, you are going to place some windows on both doors. In this way, you will make them more modern and visually much lighter.

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