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Romantic bedroom ideas for couples – The dormitories shared by couples are often places of conflict, when talking about decoration. This happens mainly because we all want to feel perfectly comfortable in our room. Since it is a place of maximum intimacy … and not everyone understands the same for comfort. Moreover, many of us have diametrically different ideas of what comfort is.

The room is always the most romantic place in the house and more when you are starting this new stage with your partner, is not it wonderful? Although they are not the usual tones of romanticism such as red or pink. You have to look for cream tones that are more for the couple than for the woman. Nowadays many soft and chrome tones are used to combine the sheets with the rest of the room. You can use silk fabrics to give shine to the romantic bedroom ideas for couples.

Tender colors and light contrasts. In the romantic bedroom ideas for couples, on the one hand you have classic style furniture. With bedside tables and dresser with legs and symmetrical drawings of old air. Although in fresh colors. In slight contrast you can find a very original headboard and foot board. With the treble clef molded gracefully in metal painted white. In the background wall, two small ornaments add to the asymmetry of the headboard, perfectly combined with the colors of the bed and the curtains in the background. If all this has not already fallen in love with you, look at the landscape on the other side of the magnificent window.

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