Rustic Platform Bed With Storage

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Although the rustic platform bed may seem like a new discovery, they have a completely new spin on the old conception. The first platform beds is considered a high bed. Loft beds are raised off the ground by four Poles at each corner and allowed space down on the desk, the couch, or even another bed. With the passage of time, sleep, finally came down and “platform bed” the term was coined. What differentiates platform bed from a regular bed is the fact that you don’t need a box spring. The bed has slats to support mattress, their base-with or without a box spring. Therefore, they are usually cheaper than the other bed, because you don’t have to buy a separate box spring. Building materials of the most popular are wood and metal. Some beds combine the two ingredients for a unique look, and manufacturers began churning out leather platform bed and look at the high end of luxury.

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Many styles without a footboard or even the head of the bed, to contribute to their appearance to a minimum. However, you can find a rustic platform bed with the head and footboard to bed. There are a number of different features, you can. One of them is a Canopy-perfect if you want a snapshot of the bedroom with the blinds or curtains are thin. You can find them also with drawers built into the base for extra storage space, which is very popular for the passenger in the apartment. To Japan or a modern look wonderful, you can find the sofa frames that wrap around your mattress so that they were both on the same level.

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It can be designed one in any type of colors, finishes and stains, so it all depends on what kind of look in your bedroom are aiming at the selection of beds. Solid black rustic platform bed is on the rise, because they fit in every imaginable color and a dark color make them the focal point of the room. If you want to see nature in a bedroom, choose a model unfinished wood. Go bold with bright red, shiny Microfiber or frame-purple. And if you want a clean, fresh look in your bedroom, a thin white design is your answer.