Repainting Grey Bedroom Dressers

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Grey bedroom dressers – Repainting a dresser is a cheap way to change or update the decoration of your bedroom. The work involved varies depending on the original condition and the color of the dresser. If it is ready to paint with great color, then you may only need to apply one or two layers of grey paint. If it is currently a dark color, or has damage to the finish. Then it may be necessary to peel, pat or sanding before applying the primer and grey paint.

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Place a protective cover or old newspapers on the floor and set the grey bedroom dressers in the center of the area. Put on rubber gloves, dust mask and safety glasses when necessary. Remove the hardware from the dresser, if possible. If it cannot removed, cover it with adhesive tape to protect it from chemical products.

Apply the chemical remover or paint remover according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply only one manageable area at a time. Leave the chemistry for as long as it is recommended by the manufacturer, and remove it with the spatula when the paint is soft enough to scrape. This step is only necessary if the current finish must removed before painting. Clean the chemical separator or paint remover from the grey bedroom dressers, using water or chemical remover cleaner as recommended by the manufacturer. Let it comfortable to dry completely. This usually takes at least 24 hours.

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