Renovation Ideas For Master Bedroom Designs

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Master Bedroom Designs – The mattress, the lighting, and the color of the walls. Everything influences when creating an enveloping and relaxing environment that helps us to fall asleep. The bed is the main piece on which all the decoration revolves. However, before launching your purchase, calculate the space that will be left to place a few tables on both sides of the bed (40 cm minimum). If the bedroom is large, you can add a stool to the feet to use as a shoe remover. As for the orientation, try to place the headboard on one side of the window, never back or front, so the light will not bother you.

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Color is fundamental in decoration and, in a bedroom, your choice should be at the service of rest. When it comes to painting the walls, choose light, soft and warm tones, like the skin itself. This is the case of beige, chickpea, cream, straw yellow or salmon. Warm gray, green water and turquoise are also enveloping. It is recommended to avoid vibrant or garish tones, no matter how sophisticated master bedroom designs may be.

Although the protagonist furniture is the bed, treading warmth is the best thing that can happen to us after a good rest. Choose warm floors, such as solid or laminated wood, and dress them with long-haired wool carpets that wrap your feet when walking barefoot. The bedding is responsible, to a large extent, to ensure a restful sleep. Thus, you will get a soft and appetizing bed if you combine, for example, a duvet cover with a quilt or a bedspread with tones or motifs to games. As for the sheets, better the 100% cotton.

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Textiles are the true protagonists of comfort. Play with cushions of different sizes on the bed or put a plaid gives warmth. Other details such as covering or wallpapering, putting on a shoe, or choosing a canopy bed help to give a cozy air to the master bedroom designs.