Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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Reclaimed wood bedroom furniture – This article will show by adding a new layer of color, you can recycle old bedroom furniture and turn it into something amazing, different and new. Paint is relatively cheap compared to buying a new bedroom so it will definitely save on your wallet. If you appreciate old-fashioned look in decor, recycled bedroom furniture will help you capture the picturesque last century style. Recycled wood bedroom furniture creates a warm, natural and cozy atmosphere for the bedroom. This is the perfect interior design to help you unwind and relax when you retire into your most holy. Beds, kitchen cabinets, mirrors, cupboard bed, chest of drawers and wardrobes are some of the items found on recycled timber bedroom area.

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Ideas for reclaimed wood bedroom furniture, this process is for furniture that has not already been painted. Use dust filter mask and tarpaulins. Sand the paint on the furniture easily. Go with the treasure of the tree. Vacuum dust and then thoroughly wipe the throat. Make sure all dirt, dust and loose particles have been removed from the surface of the furniture. Paint with a water-based primer enamel. Let dry the assigned amount on time. May need two strokes. Always paint with the wood’s aging.

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Once the primer has dried, paint with primer paint latex. Again, let the paint dry completely. Will probably need at least 2 times. Now comes the fun part, paint a simple design in a second latex color paint. I made an ornamental grass pattern and it was very easy to do the trunk and head. The end result is amazing. Allow color to dry properly. Finally paint polyurethane tire paint over the whole play. Allow plenty of time to dry. By giving a new layer of color and a simple construction, you can reclaimed wood bedroom furniture to something exciting and new with a few simple steps!