Put Together A Bunk Bed Futon

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Bunk bed futon – The main difference between a bed regular bunk bed and a futon bunk bed are mattresses. Regular mattresses have an internal frame, which means they do not matter. Without an internal frame, a futon mattress will sag through the rail and must be supported by a grid or a set of bars. Also different brands and models of futon bunk beds have different details about assembly, most follow the same general plan. Construction will be much easier if you have a partner to keep the frame steadily while working.


Set the pieces for your bunk bed futon in your work area. Place all nuts and screws that came with the bed in a plastic bowl. Place the end pieces in the bunk bed frame in place, approximately where they will be when the bed is ready. Leave at least 12 inches between all edges on the frame and walls, so you can move around while working. Mount the bottom mattress frame. Put it in place and attach it with four or eight bolts, depending on the model. Slide the bolts with the heads pointing outwards. Screw the matching nuts about three quarters of the way.

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Install the upper mattress frame, using the same method as the lower frame. Tighten all nuts on both frames by hand until you can no longer move the nuts. Tighten nuts further by holding the nut in place with a wrench or locking strap, and then screw the nut into place with a screwdriver or hex wrench. Attach any protective rails that came with a bunk bed futon. Bump them into place using the same basic technique you used to attach mattress frames.

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Tips and warnings

Scan the mounting instructions that came with a futon bunk bed. If they vary considerably from these directions, shoot the instructions written by people who built the frame. If you do this alone, the hardest part will fix the bottom mattress frame. You can make it easier by tilting one end against the wall.