Process For White Lacquer Dresser

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Process for white lacquer dresser furniture for your home. The process is very similar to that followed to paint a piece of wood, but something more delicate. In this case, the brush marks, a simple hair of the brush or a deep scratch not repaired before beginning to paint will spoil the final effect. That is why, although you can paint with a brush, the roller is recommended. The special effect of a piece of furniture with the lacquer finish must be perfectly smooth, satin or glossy, depending on your preference.

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Process for white lacquer dresser, the surface to be painted must be clean and dry. Previously pickled and repaired (if it had a previous finish in poor condition) or sanded if it is a natural piece of furniture or raw wood. If it had imperfections, they have to be repaired (with wood pulp). Apply base sealer or primer. This base manages to close the pore of the wood and that it does not absorb so much paint. You will also get a more homogeneous finish.

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Then for white lacquer dresser, sand smoothly and remove dust with a clean cloth. Give two hands of white enamel-lacquer. Use a roller or a soft bristle brush, which does not leave marks. Sand smoothly between layer and layer, with a brush or cloth apply colorless wax on the surface of the furniture. Rub to polish with another clean cloth.