Portable Bunk Beds Design

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Portable bunk beds allow you to accommodate your two daughters in the same room, or have an extra bed when making slumber, without taking up additional space. Unfortunately, most bunk beds are quite monotonous in design, so bedtime can be a bit dull. Improving your daughters’ bunks can make them spend more time in your room. If you are the practical type, building a design on the bunk creates a special shelter for your girls. For your little princesses, cut wood in the form of castle turrets, attach them to the top bunk and paint them in your daughters’ favorite colors. It creates a wide arc frame, like the one that could house a drawbridge, and covers the outside of the litter with it. The opening in the frame allows access to the lower berth, while continuing with the castle theme. If the princesses do not work for your family, use your woodworking skills to create a dollhouse look, with windows in the upper and lower bunks.

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Inflatable mattresses have become the great novelty of recent times to improvise portable bunk beds in almost any room. The big change has come in size (there are doubles, comparable to double beds) and also have improved greatly in exterior texture, ease of inflation, and also because the air is distributed in its interior more homogeneously presenting a surface practically flat.

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Painting is a quick and inexpensive way to dress the litter and the surrounding area. This also allows you to customize each girl’s space, giving each daughter their own oasis in a shared room. Push the litter into a corner so that both sides are against the walls. Paint the walls where the litter rests a color that surrounds the lower berth and one that surrounds the top. Painting the bed frame can help you follow each girl’s favorite color scheme. If your daughters want different characters or animals, use templates to help you paint your favorite scenes on the wall next to your portable bunk beds.