Painting Two Different Colors Bedroom Dresser With Mirror

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Bedroom dresser with mirror – All wood requires a protective finish to maximize the useful life that it is. This is especially true in a dresser that often receives daily use, which increases the wear applied to wood surfaces. A common finishing option that can be used to provide protection to your needs sideboard is a coat of paint. In addition to protection, the paint also serves as a decorative accent for your dresser. The use of careful masking to paint sections dresser with two colors, you can create an image for your comfortable that stands out even more, matching your chosen decoration.

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Place a large piece of cloth on the floor of your work area and move the bedroom dresser with mirror in the center of the fabric for painting. Remove the dresser drawers and remove the handles from the cabinet with a screwdriver. Put on a pair of chemical resistant gloves and a mask to protect your skin and lungs from the separator.

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Remove the existing or finished paint from the bedroom dresser with mirror with the brush on a layer of chemical citrus-based paint stripper with a brush. Wait for the time suggested by the manufacturer for the paint stripper to dissolve the paint or finish. Remove the separator with a rubber spatula and then rinse the surface of the dresser with a sponge and water. Pat dries the surface with a clean cloth.