Paint Ideas Antique Bedroom Dresser

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Antique bedroom dresser is typically sturdy and well-built furniture manufacturing. Over the years, the finish of an oak sideboard can damage and scratch. The easiest solution for many owners is to paint the dresser. Painting will improve the appearance of the dresser and lengthen its useful life. Painting also allows owners to customize the comfortable colors of the decoration of their home. The project of painting a sideboard can take several days to a week to complete.

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Apply wood filler for any dents, cracks or holes in the nails on the oak sideboard. Use a spatula to spread the wood filler in these areas. Let the filling dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Sand the dresser with fine grain sandpaper so that the wood is soft and no longer shiny. Clean the antique bedroom dresser with a damp cloth to remove the sanding dust.

Apply a coat of primer to the antique bedroom dresser with a brush roller and paint. The primer layer should be thin, but cover the sideboard. Give the primer two hours to dry. Paint the sideboard with latex paint. Run the paint in thin layers with a paint roller and brush. Allow the paint coat to dry completely and apply the second coat of paint. Repeat as necessary. Wait 24 to 36 hours for the paint to dry before daily use.

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