Paint Black Tall Dresser Ideas

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Black tall dresser – Make an old dresser look dramatic and new with black paint. Each time you use black paint, use a toned primer rather than a white or light-colored primer to reduce the number of layers of paint you need a bold solid finish. Dark gray primer works well with black. Choose either food black or high gloss black paint, depending on your taste. Remember that oil-based paints require thinner for cleanup-if you prefer the convenience of water cleanup, use a water-based latex paint

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How to paint black tall dresser, remove drawers from the chest of drawers, and place them face up on the drop cloth, along with the chest of drawers. If those drawers have metal or ceramic fixtures, remove them with a screwdriver and put them to page. Sand surfaces that will be painted. Do not sand or paint the sides or back of drawers and a piece of suits that are not seen when assembled. Remove any dust from grinding with a soft cloth.

Then for paint black tall dresser, spray tinted primer over all the areas that will be painted. Dry completely. Open paint can and paint stir until it is completely mixed before there the first layer. Once you have applied the first layer, let it dry completely. Then stir again before another layer. Make sure all surfaces are covered evenly and that the lumen holes are not covered. Paint the luminaries black if you wish. Let them dry. Collect the dresser when all parts are completely dry.

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