Oeuf Bunk Bed Design

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Oeuf bunk bed – If you are looking for a large simple construction project, then building your own bunk beds is the perfect one for you. Not only is this a fun and unique project, but you will also be able to make some big beds your children will love for many years to come. Draw a plan. When starting any kind of construction, your first step should always be to prepare a plan. This sketch will serve you as a blue print and help you out during assembly time. Once you have pulled out the sketch, you should also begin marking the correct dimensions on it. The dimensions listed here will allow you to build a bunk bed that will fit two full size mattresses on your bunk bed.

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Get materials. Once you have completed drawing your blue print, it’s time to get everything you need. All the materials listed above can be purchased from your local home improvement shop or center. To ensure that you have the timber cut to the correct dimensions, all you have to do is give the blue print you have made to the timber specialist. But if you want to do your own cutting, make sure you get enough timber to complete the job. Any tree will work for this project, even if you may want to use pinewood. Pine is a strong, but relatively light wood type. That said, these oeuf bunk bed will be quite heavy when completed.

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Layout pieces. Once you have bought all the necessary materials, you have to start putting the pieces into your bunk bed. Laying out the pieces will allow for a lighter collection later, and also give you an idea of ​​how it all fits together. One way to look at this is dry run collecting your oeuf bunk bed. If you did not get your timber scrubbed, it’s time to do it. Make sure you carefully measure everything twice before making cuts and not hurry! This will help reduce the possibility of errors.