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The black bedroom dresser is an auxiliary piece of furniture that appears in Italy at the end of the 16th century as an evolution of the ark but with drawers and legs. Throughout its history it has been a storage unit of the main bedroom. And it was customary for the father to give it to his daughter before getting married. In the last century it was considered one of the favorite furniture for interior decoration. So if you have a black bedroom dresser inherited from your grandmother, do not throw it away! It is a very elegant piece of furniture and you can adapt it to the bedroom decoration.

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Function of the black bedroom dresser is as a container to store objects, trousseau, clothes, etc. For this reason its most marked feature is the presence of drawers. However, if you put a mirror on the top you can also serve as a dressing table.

The situation of the dresser has evolved. In the beginning it was a piece of furniture that was placed only in the sleeping rooms. Nowadays there are those who place it in other rooms of the house, such as corridors or entrance hall, in the living room acting as a dresser, in bedrooms for babies. And the black bedroom dresser usually has a bottom of 50 cm and a height of 90 cm and there are with legs or without them.

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