More Masculine With Marble Bedspread

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Marble bedspread – In one way or another, most of us have to buy a set of bedding. The first trip down the bedroom linens aisle can be quite confusing. While it may seem that buying bedding should be relatively easy, it is anything but. Knowing what the different sheet variants are will help you choose a set that will satisfy your needs.

Enjoy your sleep with wrapping in the elegance of the porter, in a blaze of black and gold by marble bedspread. And then set your side table with a pure statuary tablecloth, which brings in the very fine fabric the same grain of marble most loved by the sculptors. The beauty of marble becomes a marble bedspread, a precious fabric and marks the collaboration between two great Tuscan excellences.

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On the one hand the stone, on the other the traditional Tuscan textile that has made and reproduced the marble textures (made available by Franchi company, Umberto Marmi). This marble bedspread collection is the result of a combination that has recently been presented in Paris, in the prestigious showcase of Maison objet, a salon that has become a point of reference for the entire furnishing sector. Let’s change your bedspread with this nice marble bedspread.

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