Mint Green Bedroom Style

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Mint green bedroom – The right color used in your bedroom can help you find peace, tranquility and most of all sleep. This room is a retreat for most and its decor is more important with the amount of time it is occupied. Embellish with complement blues and mint green for a soft and comfortable looking. Add a small touch of the complementary color to a subtle look to your mint green bedroom. Accent blue walls with light green trim around the ceiling and windows. Add a thin strip of greens on each side of each corner of the room to a more subtle look.

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Mint green bedroom decor with add accent blue walls using small green plants on tables or large green plants on the floor. Use of green material to cover just the tables in the room and add green decorations. Frame pictures with green and find green statues and blankets to add. Use a green bedspread and mix blue and green decorative cushions for accents. Try to place a single green chair in the living room or simple green curtains. Blank rug with hints of green or narrow green stripes or finding blankets to the floor in green.

Mint green bedroom style with use a blanket theme to add blue and mint green to your single-colored bedroom. Make a cloth blanket of different shades of blue and mint green squares to use as a bedspread or as a throw at the end of the bed or over a chair. Make an extra blanket to hang on the wall. Make matching patchwork pillows to place around the room. Add cloth blanket and pillows with matching decorative cushions. Male a narrow blanket pattern along the ceiling for a border and / or door and window frames. Create stuffed animals from patchwork material if it suits your taste to be used as an extra costume.

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