Making White Platform Bed

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White platform bed – If you want to update the look of your bedroom, but do not want to spend a fortune on a new bed, you can make a platform bed for not much money. With a little creativity and hard work, you can have a bed that’s comfortable, safe and cheap. Create measurements for the size of the bed and decide if you want a low or high platform bed. Getting too much material can cost you extra money to know in advance what you want and what materials you need can keep your budget low.

Check the garage or basement for items that you will need. You will save money if you can recycle old wood, bets or hardware. You may also want to check sites like Craigslist or Free cycle to see if you can get any of the materials for less (or even free). Wood pallets can also be an option if you have a source. Use plywood or MDF if available. These are usually less expensive option than other wood options. While they may not be as attractive as pine or I can help you and give you white platform bed for less money.

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Build white platform bed, get creative with storage. If you are planning a higher platform bed with storage below, enjoy attractive options that do not cost much. Metal storage shelves can work for some beds, but you may need to tighten them for safety. Do the job yourself. If you want a cheap bed, you are probably already considering this. Ask friends and relatives to help if you feel you do not have the skills or tools to do that. With a simple plan it will not take long to do. Make it be carefully.

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