Make A Bedspreads King Size Luxury

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Bedspreads king size luxury – If you change the decor in your bedroom, you might want a new luxury king size bedspread. If you know basic sewing skills and know how to measure, you will be able to make your own. You need quilting fabric, sewing machine, thread, scissors and measuring tape. Starting with measure the area of the bed you want to cover with king size bedspread. The average size of a king size bedspreads is 96 inches by 116 inches.

Remember to add an extra 2 inches to width and length measurements for a 1-inch seam allowance on all sides. And then, buy your quilting fabric for the bedspreads king size luxury. Next, cut the fabric out. Since you are likely to have two discs for each page, make sure to cut them evenly. For example, if your bedside is 96 inches wide, you will want two panels that are 50 inches wide each. The extra 2 inches are for the seams. You will then be able to sew them together in the middle. Sew your two panels for both top and bottom in the center, the two pieces began.

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Place your top panel with the right side facing up, on a flat surface. Place the bottom of the fabric panel on top of it, straight to the right. Pin the sides and one end edge together. Sew a nail around all three sides and leave a side open. Turn the bedside right side out. You should end up with a finished look bedspreads king size luxury with one side still open. Fold the raw seam against the inside and pin. Sew seam closed. Finish the bedspreads king size luxury by sewing three to four evenly distributed seams down the entire length of the spread.

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