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Bertoia bar stool – The eco-ideas with pallets could not be more fashionable, we can find a multitude of ingenious ideas based on these practical wooden structures. Armchairs, planters, box springs, tables; the options seem never to end. Well, now it’s time for the stools. Shovel stool, this is how its creators have baptized it, the Murcia Radio Furniture vintage company , specialized in the manufacture of vintage style furniture . They are based on the reuse of objects such as signals, coils, and fire extinguishers and, of course, blades.

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This bertoia bar stool design has conquered us for its rust finish in wood and iron that reminds us of the old mines of the Wild West. An industrial style and a very unconventional approach to decorating from the dining room of our house to the bar of a bar. Ein Mamëll manufactures these simple but functional designs under the premise ‘do not let more trees be cut to decorate your house’. Stools made of treated pallet wood, being able to choose between different sizes and finishes.

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We could not resist including this design of CRJOS Design Milano in this book of ideas, it is a minimalist bertoia bar stool that rises from a metal base in a thin spiral. Its shapes are reminiscent of those of marine plants that float on the ocean floor. A design with a lot of personality that can fit both in the kitchen and in any other part of the house.