Kids Bunk Bed Plans

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Kids Bunk Bed Plans – Build your own kids bunk bed is simple project and can be working with a good set of plans. Anyone with even the most basic woodworking skills can easily produce professional results with good plans. There are various types of kids bunk beds to choose from depending upon your needs. The most basic, and usually the first type that comes to mind, is the simple design of one single bed stacked on top of another single bed. This is probably the best option if you are concerned about space.

Very basic and simple, these types of beds have long been used in dormitories, military barracks, summer camps and even jails because of their functional space-saving qualities. However the bunk bed plans that you would use for your kids bunk beds will offer design options more appropriate for today’s homes. If you are not worried about having to maximize your available space then you can consider other ideas for kids beds like having a desk on the bottom and a bed on top, or incorporating a step ladder or slide into the design. There are plans available for all types of beds.

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The easiest way to acquire bunk bed plans is to download them. You can find both free plans and plans that you have to buy online. The paid plans, which usually come as part of a larger woodworking plans program, are very inexpensive and well worth the low price. The time and money saved by using them more than makes up for the expense. Free plans are low quality and more often than not inaccurate. Simply stated, you get what you pay for. Free plans tend to cut corners and that is not what you want to do when the safety of your children is involved.

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One of the best approaches that will help once you have decided your bunk bed plans to build your beds is to stay organized right from the start. Evaluate the room and take measurements. Decide upon the type of bed and where it will be placed. Pay attention to all the other details of the room, especially the height of the ceiling in relation the height of the bed and the height of the person that will be using the top bunk. If your room has a ceiling fan, be sure to place your kids bunk beds a safe distance from it.