Italian Bedroom Set Where You Guaranteed Come Sleep Sweet

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Italian bedroom set from floral patterns to curvy furniture. Bright, relaxed and totally, very wonderful. If it’s somewhere the romantic vintage style suits it’s in the bedroom. Take the tips below to create the most personal feeling at your place. Floral patterns in different colors and shapes are a big part of this look. You can pick the pattern in your bedroom in various ways, but the most popular one might be to turn on a wallpaper or textile with the flower motif. Be sure to keep the flowers quite small to maintain the vintage style.

Upcycling and recycling are two key points in the vintage style – use your creativity to revitalize neglected items and furniture! Perhaps you can get inspiration from the Italian bedroom set above, where a couple of old shutters have become a striking bedside table. With regard to vintage, which is a very personal style, there are no direct rules. It is free to mix different types of flower-framed pillows, crocheted blankets, and sharp lace. However, keep the same color palette as the stained glass in the picture, and let the patterns blend together.

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It’s the small details, with sleek patterns, worn metals, and bright colors, making the romantic vintage style complete. You find these mainly on flea, but if you are lucky you can also find forgotten taxes on grandmother’s wind. Do not turn your back into tired things – with some color, wallpaper or fabric, they can be new again, but they will always have a story behind them, and a unique, personal feeling. If you want to create a romantic vintage style in your Italian bedroom set but not so much for colorful walls you can paint both these and the floor white. With a white base, which in itself is very romantic, you can then decorate with both colorful and light textiles.

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