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Bunk beds with desk – A perfect bedroom for the little ones of the home: it has color on the walls, it has plenty of space for fun, it houses in a very original way books, ornaments and equipment to study but, above all, it keeps in one space three fabulous beds, magnificent for the children who, although they often have to share a room, deserve a place to rest, or for those unexpected visits that should also enjoy a perfect rest. The reduced space is not a pretext for everything in a room to have the proper harmony. An example of this gives us what equipment  interior decorators of  Basoa decoration in choosing the perfect dimensions of the elements and achieve the proper arrangement of furniture, besides, of course, resorting to a bed type thus offers more space during the day and greater capacity of lodging in the nights.

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The idea of ​​twin bunk beds with desk that are occupied in children’s rooms is the best option when space allows, but if that is not the case, the design of Mobihogar-2000 is perfect as it provides similarity in beds with the ease of during the day place one under the other without sacrificing the drawers because the lower bed pools them in its support. Something more to emphasize is the color of the beds that contrasts with the uniformity of the room, thus obtaining a greater prominence.

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Because the style is not fought with the economy of space, the Spanish franchise Mrn makes the bed nest, made with old-looking wood, the main furniture of the room. Regardless of whether the downstairs bed is used daily, or spontaneously, the sliding feature provided by the model is perfect for pulling in or taking out both the base and the mattress. A very functional and quite singular desk that at bedtime allows you to pull under it comforting bunk beds with desk.