Ikea Hack Bunk Bed: Ideas And Stylish Of Kura Bed

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Ikea hack bunk bed – There are many great tips and tricks to upgrade or change their IKEA furniture. So they get a more personal expression or are used in a way other than originally intended. Do you have any smart ideas to turn an IKEA furniture into a different? If not, here you will now one of them. Among the ideas that considering is that of “hacking” the Kura bed, a loft bed, and bunk bed very minimal. But that’s why it’s easy to transform. Just turn it upside down to convert it from low to high bed. And this already makes it versatile to turn it into: “Special” bed, as proposed by Ikea himself.

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For example, with the bed tent. Bunk bed that allows you to take advantage of the underlying part. For playing or creating a second bed, ideal for sleeping a sleeping cat. They are many choices are in the latter direction, on the ikea hack bunk bed. Searching on the net, we will found some really nice ideas. Ikea hack bunk bed to create a second bed. Creating a second bed with Kura can be very easy. Just add a mattress and the game is done. Painting the white structure makes the Ikea bed even more beautiful and elegant

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Adding a curtain then, can make a difference for ikea hack bunk bed. Not only to defend privacy, but also from the aesthetic point of view. For the craftsman in you, you can really create a castle bed worthy of this name. The space underneath the bed can be used as a sitting area. Also a secret area, a play area, or simply to keep the games in place. You choose in these cases, the solution is can made even more stylish by the use of the wallpaper with which the beds were decorated. The cottage effect, however, is even more beautiful. Admittedly.