Ideas To Paint Corner Dresser For Bedroom

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Corner dresser for bedroom – Updating an old cheap dresser or dresser is as easy as picking up a brush. A specialty finish like a vintage crunch mimics the look of old paint in difficulty on any surface. Paint the dresser any color of your choice based on the rest of the decoration of the room. Apply a crunch of medium buy in your local paint shop and allow mixing to the anguish of the painting for about an hour. Then, apply a layer of black finish to promote old and highlight the end of the crunch. Seal the entire dresser with a couple of layers of polyurethane.

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Oxidation is another imitation finish that can turn any surface into a deliciously oxidized antique. Lightly sand the first comfortable surface to remove any dirt or shiny surface paint. Paint the body of the corner dresser for bedroom on a black plate and paint the fronts of the drawers with the base coat paint oxide. Let it dry for 24 hours and then apply the oxidizing agent to create the beautiful organic oxide finish. Pulverize drawers with a transparent sealer to enhance rich brown tones.

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Create a colorful corner dresser for bedroom that your children will love. Use a rich blue color in a glossy finish to paint the body of the dresser, and then paint each drawer another primary color. Once the paint is dry apply some festive accents like stars and flowers using glitter in dark paint. Your child’s face will light up when the lights are turned off at night.