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Rustic white dresser does not go out of fashion in decoration, and although it seems simple at first glance. This color is the key to creating luminous, light and cheerful atmospheres. Besides, it is not only used as a base for interiors, but it can be very useful to create contrasts. And when it comes to renovating furniture with paint … white will always be an excellent alternative. Any sad or outdated element can look like new.  It does not necessarily have to be a comfortable one. You can also renovate any other piece of furniture … you will see everything that a little white paint can achieve. In this way you will not only transform a piece into the decoration of your home, but the whole environment will look different.

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Rustic white dresser is a versatile color that adapts to any decorative style. In addition, you can give a different finish or another design according to your preferences. The interesting thing about painting furniture is to see how it is able to radically transform to the point of almost looking like a new one. It even seems that the piece in question was replaced by another.

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It is important to be clear about the design that we want to capture. For example, there is a technique called pickling with which a worn and even a rustic look can be printed on a piece of furniture. It is ideal if you want to achieve a Provencal style setting. However, you can pass some layers of enamel and you will go on to create a more formal and urban effect rustic white dresser.