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Minecraft bedroom decor – Bed in minecraft is the most interesting subject. Despite the fact that the bed has no practical value, the player will be interesting to have her in her house. Even because the bed has a number of features that are hidden in the design of the bed. The first function of beds is its size. The clear bed is filling two blocks, making it the bed is the biggest entry in the game. You can also make unusual bed designs. In the latest version of minecraft, you have the following options:

Flying bed is type of bed is a bed that is mounted on blocks at a certain distance from the ground. The effect of “flying bed” is achieved if after installation to demolish temporary bunker. Therefore, bed will be suspended in the air. Undersea bed, in the game minecraft player cannot make a bed under water, it does not give its mechanics. But you are very welcome to bring water to bed, and to this end, fill it with water. Exploding minecraft bedroom decor, in this case, you will have a similar situation as with underwater bed as the technology creation dates back to the features of the game. To put dynamite in bed does not work, but it will explode if you try to use it in the lower world or region.

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The minecraft bedroom decor element of game play in minecraft is completely useless. All you can do is sleep on it. Thus, you will not receive bonuses for the characteristics of your character. In addition, this possibility of pastime in the game will sometimes be not sure. If you put a bed close to the exit, we run the risk of being awakened by monsters. How to make a bed in minecraft? To make best bed in minecraft, you will need eight blocks of wood and eight blocks of wool. Then, they must be space around the bottom and middle part of the creation of the window.

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