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White wood dresser – If you’ve been tired of a chest of drawers or you’ve bought a used chest of drawers and want to look better. You can easily pin it up with a new color. The total time for such a job, for preparation, is only about two hours. And should not be too costly much of it depends on the type and brand of color and primer you buy.

Before painting white wood dresser, remember to keep the following in mind. If you paint an agency painted earlier with a darker color. You will either have to deprive the old color before painting again. Or use more layers of paint so that the darker color is not visible through.

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How to paint a white wood dresser, cover all agency hardware (metal knobs and handles, for example) with the target tape and remove all the drawers from the chest of drawers. It is easiest to paint the boxes separately after painting the rest of the office. Lightly sand all surfaces on the chest of drawers with coarse grain sandpaper. Sand the boxes next and place them on a cloth, away from the chest of drawers. Using a please cloth, wipe the wood after grinding. Next, sand the surfaces with finer granular sandpaper and wipe off. Always sand with the grain not sand against it.

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