Ideas For Paint Distressed White Dresser

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Distressed white dresser – Updating a chest of drawers is as easy as picking up a brush. Before you get rid of an old dresser, consider your options to paint it with a fresh new look. Lacquering come in many different textures and colors that can make a chest of drawers the focal point of a bedroom, hold room or even a kitchen.

Painted distressed white dresser ideas. You can break all the rules with the painting when it comes to creating a chest of drawers with a sad look. Place random strokes and scratches in your chest of drawers with a hammer and scraper. Instead of grinding the commode smooth before painting, just sand the edges down to the bare tree.

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In addition ideas for paint distressed white dresser you can choose a light paint color like blue, red or yellow and use a steel brush to paint your chest of drawers, including the edges. If you have a hard time deciding on the best color for your chest of drawers, combine a group of your favorites into a color-coordinated painting. After the paint dries, re-expose the wooden edges with sandpaper. This process is very fast and allows you to create a used-look on the edges to compliment a deliberately textured paint job.

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