Ideas For Modern Bedroom Dresser

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Modern bedroom dresser – The best method to paint a quick sideboard is to use spray paint. It offers smooth uniform coverage and a fast drying time of generally less than 30 minutes, compared to the drying time of acrylic paint of two to six hours. You may have to apply more than one coat, but the drying time between coats is fast. Always spray paint in a well-ventilated area and if possible have both the paint and the dresser in an area that is about 70 degrees with low or no humidity. The constant, warm temperature helps the paint flow better for a smoother coating and increases the drying time.

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Place newspaper around the area that will be the paint to protect it from splashes. Remove the drawers from the modern bedroom dresser and put them into more newspapers with their faces facing up so you can paint the face and exposed edges of the faceplate. Remove the pulls from the drawer by unscrewing them from the inside of the drawer with a screwdriver.

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Place a sheet of sandpaper on the power sander and light sand over the entire surface of the modern bedroom dresser to remove loose paint and provide a rough surface for the spray paint to adhere to. Moisten a cloth in water and squeeze the water as much as possible so it is barely moist. Use this option to remove sanding dust from the dresser. Wipe the dresser again with a dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture.