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Bedroom bench with back – Bedroom benches are a good addition to any bedroom. Because they can be decorated in many different ways, you can personalize by building your own. Choose a good quality of plywood if it is to colored or a smooth-grain wood for paint. Look through pictures of the bedroom benches to get a general idea of ​​what they look and their function. Place the lower shelf in the bedroom bench on a worktop. Measure from one end and mark the shelf at 12 and 24 inches. Place framing squares on the marks and draw lines across the width of the shelf.

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Bedroom bench with back, place 2 by 2 blocks on the lines. Two must placed on the ends and the other two on 12 and 24-inch lines. Trace a line on the side of the blocks without a line. Remove the blocks and drill three pilot holes 1/16-inch drilled with. Apply glue to the top of the blocks and put the shelf on them, adjust the blocks with pilot holes. Secure them with the drywall screws. Clean up excess glue immediately with a damp cloth.

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Make bedroom bench with back, place the ends, front and back of the worktop. Measure from the bottom edge and make a mark of 12 inches. Make this several places on the four pieces of plywood. Place the framing square on the marks and draw a line that connects the marks. Place the center shelf support on the work table, drill pilot holes in them, apply glue on the ends, front and back under the lines and secure the supports with drywall screws.