How To Get Good Bedroom Surround Sound

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Bedroom surround sound – the good sound, is not fully appreciated until we lose it. Although some of us do not get to enjoy it if we do not get the most out of our sound equipment. To get a good sound there are many factors that influence but certainly one of the main ones is the location of the speakers. Even low / midrange speakers gain many integers if they are located correctly. Normally, if the speakers have enough quality it is not recommended that they are very close to the wall. Keeping them 50 cm away prevents the bass from “smearing” the sound. But if the speakers do not have enough power, placing them closer to the wall makes the bass and the sound itself stronger.

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In relation to the above, just as we will try to have them separated from the wall, it is also important not to place the speakers in the corners . The explanation is simple, the walls help to bounce the bedroom surround sound that is projected towards the back. The equilateral triangle : That is the geometric form that we should look for. The two speakers and our position in the room should form an equilateral triangle. This is important because, sometimes, we see how loudspeakers are further away from us simply because they look more aesthetic in the room.

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Most bedroom surround sound has two tracks, one for the highs (known as a tweeter) and one for medium and bass. At least, the height of the tweeter should match the height of our ears when we are in the room or room. Finally, avoid vibrations, use good support . Whether we put them on a shelf, a piece of furniture, hanging on the wall, etc … it is important that they are well fixed. The purpose is none other than to avoid vibrations. If we can place it on a wooden furniture even better. And it would be advisable to avoid metallic or glass surfaces.