How To Build Wooden Bedroom Bench

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Wooden bedroom bench – You will make a bank that will be very appropriate for a country style house, but that will also adapt perfectly to any other environment. The wooden bench you are going to make is constructed from several pine boards. All the joints are the same, they are assemblies with tour-billion and adhesive. A very simple work to do and, above all, practical.

You begin the work by drawing the different parts of the wooden bedroom bench: those that will stand and axis of the backrest, as well as the crossbars that will configure the structure. To cut the pieces you can use the jigsaw with a wood blade. You can hold the pine boards to the work table with jaws. After making the cuts it is essential to review the pieces with a fine grain sandpaper and belt sander. In this way you can achieve a finer finish.

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To make wooden bedroom bench, you prepare the two laterals. Then you join the foot-axis of the backrest to the shorter lateral crosspiece. With the drill, a drill with a diameter of 10 mm and a drill stop, you drill the holes for the joints with tubing. You apply mounting adhesive in the holes and joints, and introduce the tour-billions with the help of a mallet. Now you have to join the two laterals. Then you can do it with the long crossbars and you can use adhesive and tour-billions. You can also put the central reinforcement crosspiece of the seat structure.

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