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Home Bar Table – If you have a small kitchen, instead of adding a large dining table, you can build a bar table that can double as a dining table. A bar table can also be placed in a corner of a family room to entertain the guests. With some elbow grease, some household tools and some pieces of wood you can complete this project in less than a week for those with basic carpentry skills, or a minimum of a couple of days for those with knowledge of woodworking advanced.

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Find the place in your house where your home bar table will be placed. Take into account the shape of the room and the placement of bars, if it is to be placed in a corner or placed against the wall. Measure the area of the location you chose. From this, it is going to base how big a bar is going to be built. You want it to be provided in relation to the size of the room.

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For a normal sized room, you can build a 6-foot-long bar table. On a smaller room build a bar that is 4 feet long. For a larger room, you can build an 8-foot long home bar table. Draw a design of the bar you are going to build or download the bar plans available from the Internet. Use sitting stools (approximately 30 inches high).