Great Bedroom Closet Design

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Bedroom closet design can be a shame for the city, especially if it does not have a door or placed in an inconvenient location in the room. Entertaining guests can also pose a problem with open bedroom closets because it requires fast clean ups. The best way to get attention from a closet or cabinet door is to use a design element to cover the closet. You should select something that fuses with the rest of the room so you do not attract attention to the area.

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Draw a diagram of your room, including bedroom closet design location and furniture. Measure the wall where your closet is located and include the height and width of the area or a door.  Buy a piece of fabric, per your measurements, that is big enough to hang out over a closet door or entrance. Choose a color that fits your wall. If you cannot find a color that fits, buy some fabric dye. Dye the fabric color on your walls, according to instructions, and let it dry.

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Cut the fabric 2 inches longer and wider than the cabinet door or entrance. Place the fabric 1 cm along the circumference. Sew a piece of 1-inch Velcro to the top and sides of the fabric. Staple pieces of Velcro along the top of the bedroom closet design door or entrance and down the sides. Visit local furniture or home decor stores for a folding bedroom screen to place the front fabric to hide the closet door or entrance.