Gloss Black Lacquer Dresser Ideas

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Black lacquer dresser – Getting a black lacquer finish on furniture is a process that can be done with a good amount of time and preparation. There is a methodical system needed to get furniture to achieve this very special look. Use the right shape and materials are important as you want your finish to be glossy and smooth.

Sand all surfaces to a flat surface. Solve any defects in wood with pore filler or extra grinding. Color the wood according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Even if you cover black lacquer dresser, the stain will help your furniture look the most professional. Allow the stain to dry completely. Apply a finish material. A good choice is grinding sealer, which is a lacquer with additives. This will make the grinding process easier.

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Then for paint gloss black lacquer dresser, spray dresser with three layer lacquer. Allow it to dry for 24 hours, then wet sand with 320 sandpaper. This is only to infect the higher spots, so go easily. Spray three layers of lacquer. Allow it to dry for another 24 hours. Sand with 400 sandpaper. This time you will get the surface pretty flat. Spray the surface with several three layers of lacquer. Leave to dry for three days. Wet sand dresser. Start with 400 sandpaper and work up to 600. For the last step, use plastic wool plates and pumice stone. This step is where the finish will begin to look very polished.

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